Monday, May 9, 2011

A Moment of Thanks

     Thank you LA Lakers.  You have given me the best mother days gift ever.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Your implosion on the court in Dallas, against my beloved Mavericks was a pleasure to watch.

     Thank you Kobe, for giving me the opportunity to talk to my kids about how bad it looks for great talent to bitch and complain like a baby.  Thank you Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum for being complete losers and getting ejected from the game.  My 9 year old has better control of her behavior.  I mean I just can’t ask for better examples of soar losers.  Especially Bynum, beating up on little JJ Barea, did your mom teach you that move?  But again, thanks, it opened up a discussion on bullying.

     And thank you Mark Cuban for keeping it kinda classy.  But let me not forget my Mavericks.  Peja Stojakovic and Jason Terry who could not miss a three pointer if they tried.  And Jason Terry for being so sweet and thanking God for his momma, gotta love it.  Let me just say, "I love you Dirk Nowitzki".

     So go home you spoiled, entitled Lakers, lick your wounds, make excuses, and cry.   And kids remember, with great talent comes great responsibility.  Have a good attitude, no matter what.  I don’t care how good anyone thinks they are, everyone loses.   So if you get beat, trounced or hammered, do it with dignity, just like your momma taught you.

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