Monday, May 2, 2011

If he’s 12, I’m 29

            At one of my son’s baseball games this weekend I noticed something a bit off.  The kids were freaking huge.  I mean 5, 7 and 150 lbs. big.  A couple of the kids on the team were taller than I.  This is 12 years and under baseball.

I get that some kids are bigger than others.  We have a big kid on our team.  But come on, some of these kids look like they could drive.  I consider asking one of them if he could drop my kid off at home after the game.

I’m sure I’m wrong.  I can’t imagine that any coach would purposefully play an older kid down in a younger bracket.  I mean winning can’t be that important.  Grown adults would never cheat, right?

Well, I’m not buying it.  Those kids were huge and I’m pretty sure one of them had a five o’clock shadow.  If those kids really are 12 then they need to be checked for a glandular problem, or radiation in the drinking water.  I bet you my tummy tuck surgery cash these kids were older and the parents and coaches played them down to win. 

I mean trying to pass these kids off as 12 is like trying to pass my size 14 butt off for a 6.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what’s going on here.  On the up side my 72 lb. kid pitched and struck one of the giants out.  The kid was at least 2 and a half times his size.  Good thing for the boys to learn early, size really doesn’t matter.

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