Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Swimming with Sharks

Sharks are fascinating, they never sleep, they never stop moving but no matter how comfortable you might get, do not be deceived. They will eat you.  This is my opinion of some of the parents I meet.  They smile a toothy grin, but when they get hungry, chomp.

I think they wait to smell the blood in the water.  Wait till you are hurting, having a rough time and then its like the shark in Nemo, they can’t control the urge to bite you in two.

I guess it’s the nature of people and I am sure the realm of sports is not the only place you will witness this phenomenon.  It just never gets any easier to watch people chew you up and spit you out. 

Well the best bet is education.  Find out which sharks are least likely to eat you and try to associate with those.  But again don’t be fooled, they all get hungry so try not to look like food.


  1. The worst thing about youth sports, is dealing with parents. The parents have a habit of screwing it up. The kids my dream of playing in the MLB, but the parents think they most shove them to make it. In reality the odds of them making it to High School ball is slim at best. Let them have fun, teach them a love of the game, and how to work for a common goal, that is what youth sports should be all about.

    I was once asked to fill in as an ump for a tball game, I refused. When asked why, I told them that the first thing I would do was throw out the parents, then the kids could have fun and play ball. As much as some parents want to make youth sports life and death, it is just a bunch of children playing a game. And that is all it will ever be!

  2. AJ, well said, I couldn't agree more. Thanks for your comment.