Monday, April 18, 2011

Death By Cheer

On our way back from the national cheer competition our plane began to make a horrible noise.  I am not the biggest fan of flying, my control freak side just can’t make peace with being 35,000 feet off the ground in a glorified tin can.  So when the pilot made an unscheduled landing in Vegas, due to the strange noise, I was a bit, shall we say, freaked out.

Our plane was grounded due to a mechanical problem and we were stuck in the airport all day awaiting another plane that had to fly into Vegas from Denver to get everyone home.  We got into Denver 13 hours after we left LA.  We arrived home at 3:00am.

What an end to it all.  We go to our first national cheer competition, made a vacation out of it.  I celebrated my 40th birthday with 22 cheerleaders singing happy birthday, which, by the way, was a highlight.  But now I’m wondering how close we came to some type of tragedy.  In my overly dramatic mind it was a huge mid air explosion.

I come to the realization that cheerleading almost killed me.  The only reason we were on that plane was because of my daughter’s competition.  I’m rolling my eyes wondering if this entire experience had ended in tragedy would it have all been worth it?  The injuries, the frustration, the hair bows and sparkly face stickers.  Would it have been a good way to enter heaven, fresh off a cheer competition?

Well, who the hell knows?  We had a great time.  If I had to I’d do it all over again, which by the way I will next year, I would.  I will however, give a bit more thought to driving, or prescription medication.

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