Wednesday, April 20, 2011

That Guy

At my son’s game last night I witness firsthand “that guy”.  You know what I’m talking about.  Speaking loudly.  His opinion needs to be heard.  And not just by his team, but by everyone.  Clearly, he is the smartest guy at the game, in the bleachers that is.

He got in a snit because the coach told, I’m assuming his kid on 2nd to steal 3rd, which didn’t turn out so good.  He was hot under the collar and as soon as the kid started to steal, he starts yelling, “don’t send him, he’s too slow”.

I can hear a muffled remark form someone in his vicinity, who did not feel the need to speak loudly enough for the world to hear.  The guy responds with, “I know but the kid is slow and he needs to know his limitation”.  He keeps complaining for a while until it was evident his team was getting trounced, so he finally shuts up.

My son has been trounced; we once lost a game 33 to 3, brutal.  That was the only game my son came off of and admitted he had zero fun.  Coaches will make bad decisions, they are just dad’s.  I live by the mantra; I’m not out there so I’ll keep my mouth shut.  I do complain, just quietly, so if I’m wrong I don’t look like “that guy”.

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