Tuesday, April 19, 2011

White Baseball Pants (eye roll)

White baseball pants.  Horrible idea.  I don’t care how good your stain remover is you are going to have to wash those suckers several times.  Let me say this clearly, white pants suck!

I get major leaguers wearing white.  They don’t have their mom’s franticly scrubbing the grass stains out.  For Pete’s sake, the people who wash their pants get paid to do it.  I pause for a moment and imagine a world where I get paid to do laundry.  I’d be rich and defiantly a lot less bitter.

So what is the point of white baseball pants?  Did all the moms on the team do something simultaneously to piss off the coaches?  I imagine these men sitting around late one night, drinking beer and plotting the white pants.  I can hear them laughing. “ Lets get white pants, it will be hilarious watching our wives trying to get out the stains, oh and lets line them in red so they can’t use bleach, MUHWAHAHAHAHAHAH………”  Either that, or these men where not thinking?

Well at least I bought two pair, yea.  I’m not even going to tell you what that cost me.  The only good thing, well there is no good thing.  Here goes the washer for the 4th time.


  1. I feel you pain. Mine are black striped. Men definitely thought of this cause us women know better. Good luck. ;)

  2. Right back at you. If women picked the would be black. I mean who cares if the kids fry in the summer heat. I just can stand the grass stains!