Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cheers to you

My cheerleader just had her Nationals in Anaheim, California.   On the up side we went to Disneyland, California Adventure and Universal Studios, on the down side we came in last, again.  My daughter was prepared for it, so she wasn’t too upset.

The night we arrived was my 40th birthday.  A cheer competition is actually a bit more bearable with a hang over.  Who am I to turn down birthday drinks?   You only turn 40 once and it you have to do it in Anaheim CA, during a cheer competition, well, you get the point.

I have to hand it to her it was not an easy time.  During her last performance she got kicked in the leg and performed while crying in pain.  We have a picture of her in a full extension, which is a group of girls holding her up by her feet, and you can see the footmark on her thigh.

That little girl has been figuratively and literally kicked when she was down.  But she carried on, periodically crying and half smiling.  She told me later she had to complete the performance for her team.  She amazes me.  I really learn a lot from her and I think we all need to pay a bit more attention to the amazing things our kids do.  Never give up, smile when it hurts, think of others before yourself, and if you want to wear a huge sparkly bow, go for it.  You’ve earned the right.

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