Saturday, April 23, 2011

Holy S#%&*

            I am starting to panic.  It is Saturday and I have nothing to do.  I keep thinking where is the baseball jersey.  Checking the clock to see when we have to get to competition.  I need 30 minutes to get her ready.  Then I realize, no sports.  It’s Easter Weekend, thank you Jesus.  All you naysayer atheists can shove it.  I love the holidays and now I love them even more, kids don’t plays sports on the holidays. 

In the future I need to make sure our coaches are Christian so we are assured these days off.  I got lucky this time, but you never know.  I need to make a mental note right now, because I am sure some type-A freak coach, somewhere, is having a game or practice or something.

And the bonus is tomorrow.  I have two whole days off from sports.  Big sigh.  I am going to church, I am going out for lunch and I will not be praying for my kids to hit the ball, land tumbling, stunting and just not get hurt.  I will be praying that I can handle all the issues that lie in wait for me during the next baseball and cheer season.  I mean on this day I realize if Jesus hung on the cross for me to be saved, I seriously need to stop worrying so much. 

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