Monday, May 16, 2011

Sore Winner

In 12 and under baseball there are things you can’t do.  One of them is running over the catcher or any player for that matter, in order to get to base, you have to slide.  If you don’t slide you will be kicked out of the game, and your team will take an out at each at bat.

I have seen this happen 5 times this season.  The kids that get thrown out can’t believe it.  The parents and coaches are angry.  Well get ready people because this is how it is in High School, it’s a safety issue and in case anyone hasn’t noticed, it’s a bunch of kids, let try and keep them safe.

This weekend we are playing another team from our town, during a tournament.  The kids all know each other and seem to get along. Apparently the parents and coaches do not like each other.  We are new to this so I’m just generally confused.  One of the other teams kids is running for home.  Our catcher has the ball, ready to tag him out.  The runner lowers his shoulder and plows down our catcher.  Not only does the ump call him out, he’s out of the game. 

It didn’t matter they beat us, but this is of no consolation.  The scorekeeper form the other team came over to finalize the score and was really pissed, he says he hates to come to our side, blah blah blah.  Our parents are pretty laid back, so they start laughing.  No one can believe he’s so mad, it wasn’t his kid that got thrown out and as I mentioned before, they won, HELLO, Mcfly.

He stormed off and continued to give us the stink eye; we continued to laugh our selves silly.  If you want to get that upset over 12-year-old baseball, be my guest.  My blood pressure is more important that that, and I am no spring chicken.  All I get from giving someone the stink eye is extra wrinkles.   And tell your kids to freaking slide, we are not in the MLB.  Not to mention it’s the rules, sink eye or not, and I didn’t make them.  The only thing I made is the kid and I would like him in one piece when all this nonsense is over.

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