Monday, March 14, 2011

Call me Crazy

Well I made it through another competition weekend.  I honestly do not know how I do it.  I feel a bit bad about it since there are thousands of moms doing it and probably not complaining.  Don’t get me wrong. I love watching the girls and I love some of the parents.  It’s always nice to leave the bubble (what I call the suburb we live in). 

The competitions are mainly at the Coliseum and for whatever reason our team always ends up sitting way at the top.  In the beginning I tried to dress cute, but after climbing up and down stairs hundreds of times you learn to, at the very least, wear sensible shoes.

Speaking of the stairs, that brings me to angry cheer mom of the week.  I’m hobbling down the stairs certain that even though I am wearing my comfy, well fitting, super ugly shoes,  I will trip to my death.  My 9 year old is moving at the pace of a sloth, I think she is singing one of the pop songs blaring over the speakers, mesmerized by the decibel level.  I stop at the bottom to wait.

I hear someone shouting hey, hey, I look up and a very angry lady is waving at me to move.  At first I smile at her since I think she can’t be serious.  Then I realize she is really angry.  She is watching some team perform, and I am in her way.  I would understand if it were her team, but when you team performs, you get to go down on the floor to watch.  I move out to the concourse and see some other parents from our team.  I repeat my story and then all the parents say, yeah she yelled at me too.

This leads me to my rant of the weekend.  It’s simple, it’s general admission, there are multiple teams coming and going, if you sit directly in the line of entry and exit you are going to be asking people to move all day long.  So here is a genius idea, get ready its controversial.  Why don’t you move?  I know, call me crazy. 

But hey, I get how fun it is to sit at these competitions all day and watch all the teams.  I mean why not add to the thrill by yelling at people.  Whatever, it was an all day competition.  When we returned 4 hours later, the woman was in the same seat, still yelling at people for standing in front or her.   Come on lady; pull up your mom jeans and just move.

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