Sunday, March 20, 2011

My bracket is better than yours

I’ve established I know little to nothing about sports.  I was never athletic; I was bad at the few sports I tried.  Most of what I know about sports I learned from watching my kids play and listening to my hubby.  I do enjoy basketball and am saddened by the shortness of my children.  I do not know the difference between double dribble, travel and walking, unless a vacation is involved. 

So it was much to my surprise when several years back my hubby asked me to fill out a bracket for the NCAA tournament.  So I did, and I won.  The very first time I filed one out I won.  Do you want to know my secret?  It’s very complicated.  I pick all the first seeds.

At first my husband laughed at me.  My reasoning was simple, isn’t that why they are ranked highly, because they are supposed to win?  Well it made perfect sense to me.  Well this year I am winning both my brackets.  I am even beating my husband’s family, which is crazy because they fill out their brackets with the care of a neurosurgeon. 

Next year I am considering consulting the bookies in Vegas.  If my simple approach wins I might ought to try getting some cash out of it. 

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