Saturday, March 12, 2011

You can have it, whatever it is.

            At one baseball game last weekend I heard the most hilarious thing.  The coach for the opposing team comes out of the dugout yelling, and I am not exaggerating on this, “It’s time to take back what’s ours!”  The other team had been down most of the game, and had started to make a comeback. 

This statement made me wonder, what exactly was theirs for the taking?  Did they lose something, did my kid steal some batting gloves or a helmet?  If he is going to get sticky fingers, he better go for one of those nice $200.00 bats.  Alright, I get it, V-I-C-T-O-R-Y, and I get he was trying to motivate his team, but saying it so loudly made him look kind of, well silly.  I think that he thought if he yelled loud enough our team would be intimidated, whatever.

            I had a vision of some bad sports movie from the 80’s.  Team is down, championship on the line, some 80’s-esque actor comes out for his big speech, (think Rob Lowe in that Hockey movie).  They score, win, somehow the guy gets the girl and all is right in the world.  I wondered if this poor man saw the same movie and has been waiting 30 years for just the right moment to use that line. 

            Look, do what you got to do to get your kids motivated, but if you scream and fist pump about taking stuff back, I’m probably going to make fun of you, I don’t care how good or bad your team is.  I want my kid to play, be competitive and do his best.  But it is so stupid to act like such a, well you get the idea.  And please, feel free to tease me if I start yelling about being all we can be or some such garbage.

            So in the end the other team came back, won the game by one run and took back what was theirs, whatever that was, since in the end it’s a bunch of 6th graders who had no idea they took something to begin with.  It was a really good game, both teams played well.  Clearly, the difference was the stellar motivational speaking from the other teams coach (eye roll).  Thank God we have like 60 games left.  I figure that gives us plenty of time to find and take back whatever that other team took.

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