Friday, March 25, 2011

Pepsi Center Bound

     My husband’s team won their semi-final play off game so we are Pepsi Center bound.  It was a heated re-match with the Master Bladders, their archrival.  Their fans can’t cheer for them, they have to yell, come on white, since they have kids present. 

     Clearly, their reputation preceded them; this poor team spent the entire first period in the penalty box.  The ref’s warned them that if they talked back they would add penalty time.  Most 2-minute penalties became 4 minutes.  I’m laughing myself silly, I mean come on, typical adult man, has to argue everything.  What am I saying typical 11 year old man as well.

     My sweet passive husband even got a penalty.  He was sprinting for the puck and got a bit out of control.  He barreled into a player, not on purpose, it’s e-league hockey, and he just couldn’t stop.  Unfortunately it was the only female player and she got angry.  She is yelling at my husband and he just looks at her with a glazed over look and skates away.  It’s the same look I get when I yell at him.  At least he is consistent.

     So stay tuned, 9:00 am this Sunday at the Pepsi Center.  After the game, we will all go to brunch like civilized Hockey Fan’s!

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